We’ve made it our business to protect the things you value most.  For three generations, FPEC has been installing and servicing high-quality fire protection and security systems across the region.  Our longstanding reputation and large inventory allow us to offer our customers the finest brands at the most reasonable prices.  We are renowned for our reliable technicians, who are the best trained and most experienced in the field.  From fire extinguishers to alarm systems, emergency lighting to turnout gear, commercial kitchen suppression systems to professional audio installations, FPEC has both the wide array of products and the broad base of expertise to meet our customers’ varied needs.


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badgesFire Protection Equipment Company was started in 1926 by Thomas J. Leahey, grandfather of the present owner. As a Deputy State Fire Marshal from 1916 to 1929, a fire protection engineer, and volunteer firefighter, Tom Leahey worked to improve fire departments throughout Central Virginia. He was the son of an Irish Union Army officer who stayed in Virginia after the Civil War to marry an “Irish Southern Belle.” He loved his wife, his Irish heritage, and his bourbon—not always in that order.

Before the formation of Fire Protection, Tom’s hard work brought him great success with a railroad supply company. When the railroads began to fail prior to the Great Depression, the supply company was closed. Recognizing the need for modern firefighting equipment, he started FPEC. He encouraged the establishment of paid and volunteer fire companies in Richmond and throughout Central Virginia, assisting them with funding, equipment purchases, and training.

Working with the Seagrave Apparatus Company, Fire Protection replaced many horse-drawn steamers.

Fartifactsire Protection grew as Tom’s four sons helped to annually recharge the 2.5 gallon soda-acid extinguishers of the day, carefully polishing the brass and copper cylinders prior to returning them to their owners.

Thomas J. Leahey died in 1954, leaving the business in the capable hands of his son-in-law and partner, Stuart E. Nichols. Stuart sold the business to Tom’s grandson, Robert A. Leahey, in 1978, who continues to run Fire Protection today.